Weinsberg Caravans and Motorhomes for sale by our dealers in the UK

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Weinsberg Caravans - Best Value For Money Touring Caravan available in the UK



Weinsberg CaraOne – better value than a used caravan.


Why on earth would you buy a used caravan when you can have a brand new model for the same, or very possibly, less cash?


These breath taking value for money caravans are designed by the mighty German manufacturer KNAUS. This is a range of touring and seasonal pitch caravans that offers accommodation from 2 to 7 berths. They all come with a unique standard specification for the UK and Ireland.


Light weight, space saving, fixed bed 3.9 metre that can be safely and economically towed by a smaller car right up to a 7.4 metre leviathan perfect for that seasonal pitch and ranging in price from only £12,199 including a 5 year warranty and a bed that has never been slept in until you enjoy your first restful night in your new WEINSBERG.


Weinsberg CaraOne – conceived in Germany.


Caravan Model Range



 CaraOne 'Seasonal Pitch'