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Knaus Lifestyle


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Knaus Lifestyle - surprising yet pleasingly unconventional


The KNAUS LIFESTYLE with its innovative living concept is completely different to what you may have expected but it may become exactly what you wish for. Its Urban design, large lounge seating area provides an unprecedented living room experience with a distinctive ambience which then transforms into a large comfortable double bed. The KNAUS LIFESTYLE kitchen is made perfectly and arranged clearly. The unique breakfast bar counter provides lots of room for hungry holidaymakers and serves as spacious worktop during preparation it is the perfect combination of function and design.


High-quality materials, plenty of storage space and the revolutionary lounge layout may almost make you forget the many practical details this caravan has.  The stunning twin side panorama window model with fixed bunks shares all the unique for the UK and Ireland features offered on our Sport models. These caravans are not available as standard in this specification in other European countries.


Knaus Lifestyle - made in Germany.


Knaus Lifestyle Knaus Lifestyle Knaus Lifestyle Knaus Lifestyle


Layout Plans

Lifestyle 490 L


Knaus Lifestyle 500 LK


Berths 2

Single Axle

Total length 6.85m

internal length 4.90m

Width 2.32m

Height 2.57m

Awning 918cm

MIRO 1230kg

MTPLM 1400kg

Max. Use Payload 170kg

Lifestyle 550 LK


Knaus Lifestyle 500 LK


Berths 4

Single Axle

Total length 7.50m

Internal length 5.54m

Width 2.50m

Height 2.57m

Awning 982cm

MIRO 1330kg

MTPLM 1500kg

Max. Use Payload 170kg




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