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Knaus Caravans Germany's Best Selling Tourist Caravan now available in the UK


KNAUS Caravans


The KNAUS Brand has been manufactured in Germany for over 50 years. A high quality Brand that is renowned for its perfect unity between contemporary design and reliability. A continual process of evolution of both our manufacturing process and our product ensures we consistently deliver to our valued customer’s requirements.

We pride ourselves on our automotive sector precision engineering standards. Our products are designed and aerodynamically engineered to ensure that your Knaus caravan looks good, helps save fuel and protect the environment. Simultaneously you will also enjoy a product that has a long life span with built in durability and reliability.


This website details the UK specific product range available to order from your Knaus Caravan retailer in the UK and Ireland. Unlike similar caravans offered for sale in mainland Europe all of these caravans include fire retardant upholstery, smoke alarm, UK mains electric installation and UK road legal lighting.


Knaus – made in Germany.



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